The era of receiving health care
PDP technology born from 'light' energy research that the world pays attention to


NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) announced research results in 1981 based on space development

"Light rays with wavelengths of 4 to 14 microns pouring from space to Earth are extremely effective in the human body, and are an absolute necessity for the survival of living organisms."

An energy that nurtures and protects life
Continuously emitting biophoton Infrared Rays Activating blood circulation and immune cells

Biophoton refers to the Far Biophoton that sustain and nurture life.
Bio represents life, and Photon represents light.

A new healthcare delivering
powerful Far Biophoton thermal energy deep into the human body

PDP전심돔 기계 이미지
PDP Full Body Dome

A new concept full-body sauna dome that delivers (radiates) powerful biophoton energy deeply into the entire body

PDP하프돔 기계 이미지
PDP Half body dome

A new concept half-body bathing device utilizing Far Infrared Ray (FIR) light energy for comfortable sitting enjoyment

바이오 스펠톤 기계 이미지

A new concept wave device incorporating Biophoton and spheroid (whirlwind) waves for lying-down management

PDP 멀티돔 기계 이미지
PDP Multi-Dome

Deeply apply the heat energy of the growth light to the parts needed for each part Conveniently available multi-dom to deliver

PDP 써모 기계 이미지
PDP Thermo

PDP Thermo providing a high-quality healing time of health and beauty with biophoton wavelength deeply radiating into the body

Biophoton HISTORY

  • 2004

    Company establishment

  • 2005

    Medical device sales declaration (Gangnam-gu Office No. 3389)

    Customer Satisfaction, Excellent Quality Competitiveness Company Selection (Korea Economic Newspaper)

  • 2006

    Healthtoday news coverage
    (Selected as a consistent company like the first one)

  • 2007

    Headquarters relocation

  • 2008

    Exclusive contract for PDP products in Korea with Rainbow Co., Ltd. (Japan)

    Clinical trial of PDP products at comprehensive hospitals in Korea

  • 2009

    Participation in the Korea SETEC (Trade Exhibition) Beauty Expo with PDP products

    1st Photon Academic Seminar hosted by Professor Mam Dugo Nam at UCLA University

  • 2010

    Acquisition of Biophoton trademark

    Headquarters relocation

  • 2011

    Broadcast of OBS Guerrilla Special Forces

    Partnership with the Integrated Healing Therapists Association for the 1st Certified Thermotherapy Practitioner Training

    Contract with the Japan Lepo Lumi Federation Korean Branch

  • 2012

    SBS Life Economy News coverage

    Business partnership with EBM Integrated Medicine Center

  • 2014

    Selected as an Excellent Company by the National Assembly of South Korea

  • 2015

    Distribution contract in Singapore

    Purchase of office building in Gasan Digital Complex

    Registration of Biophoton manufacturing factory

    Registration of private certification for Thermotherapy Practitioners by the Vocational Ability Development Institute

    MOU with the Nutrition Education Association

  • 2016

    Distribution contract in Australia

    Clinical presentation of Biophoton at the German East-West Medical Center

  • 2017

    Registration as a medical device sales business

    Distribution contract in Malaysia

    MOU with the Body Management Association

  • 2018

    Establishment of a dedicated research department

    ISO 9001 certification

    Main Biz certification

    MOU with Gangnam University for academic cooperation

  • 2019

    Patent acquisition for portable steamers

  • 2020

    Distribution contract in China

    Export of biomats to China

  • 2021

    Distribution contract in the United States

    Export of biomats to the United States

  • 2022

    Business partnership with ESO Co., Ltd.

    Opening of the Biophoton showroom

  • 2023

    MOU with BioGenix Co., Ltd. in Japan

    Distribution contract in New Zealand

Introduction case

Hospitals, clinics, traditional Korean medicine hospitals, traditional Korean medicine clinics across the nation etc… introduction
Skin care shops, fitness centers, Pilates centers etc… introduction
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